An introduction to AIPharm - Making Good Pharmaceutical Data Accessible to Everyone

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Mar 07, 2022 . 2 min read

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An introduction to AIPharm - Making Good Pharmaceutical Data Accessible to Everyone

Welcome to AIPharm, the place for Malaysia's Pharmaceutical-related data.

For many years, we had been searching around for the pharmaceutical data in Malaysia via googling and research, what we noticed is that the data are scattered around and not formatted to an understandable format, It took us quite some time to extract valuable information from those data.

From the extracted data, we discovered lots of information that benefit us, as a pharmacist and medical professionals, we think that these pieces of information should be open to everyone in Malaysia. Then, AIPharm is the first way in our mind to convey an open and transparent Malaysia Pharmaceutical Insight to everyone.

What is AIPharm?

The word AI refers to Artificial Intelligence or creating algorithms focused on discovering actionable information from large sets of data presentation of Pharmaceutical data. AIPharm will be the platform for displaying, and conveying our discovered pharmaceutical data insight to Malaysia.

For the first step of AIPharm (Beta Phase), we had built:

A) AIPharmreport Twitter Bot

Our bot will report real-time data to users such as daily approved products, daily removed products, or changes in the data. We felt that it should be recorded openly instead of changed without noticing the public. More features will be added to the bot such as news and pharmaceutical-related information. Be sure to follow the Twitter bot here

B) AIPharm web application

Here you can get the pharmaceutical data insight that has been processed by us. We will publish our findings on the site too.

C) AIPharm Stories

Data storytelling that bases on our research, publishing articles on the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical industry related to technology. Our upcoming writer data storyteller reward program will reward our content creator with the revenue generated by the site.

Sponsorship Details

Our intention is simple, we want to make the pharmaceutical industry transparent. Like every team around the world, we need funds to sustain our work, kindly contact us at thedatawayschannel@gmail.com for sponsorship on the website if you like our work


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We believe in making values with good pharmaceutical data and everyone should have access to the data. Our mission is to become the leading AI-powered data platform in the healthcare industry.

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